Monday, 1 July 2013

Get Good Summer Challenge!

The toddler groups have finished for the summer and my sanity has gone with them. What to do with all this time between now and September?? 

I'm taking up a challenge from this lovely blog to set myself five goals to complete before the 1st September. 

And here they are: 

So. I know we are more than half way through the year but there's never a bad time to shed a few of those extra pounds. I can't really blame pregnancy. I blame breastfeeding! It's all lies that it'll help get back to your normal self. I ate to stay AWAKE to feed the wee one and I'm not talking the recommended nuts and fruit, I'm taking CAKE. 

So far this year I've lost 1 & 1/2 stone (and I've moved country during that time which is NOT conducive to dieting!). 

I'd like to lose 10 pounds this summer. It's possible.

Bake more. Now I know how this looks. I've just told you that I want to lose weight and this is the ultimate contradiction. However. My husband has been in his new office for long enough now for me to send surplus cake to work with him. I get to bake (which I love) and I don't have to eat it all. Everyone wins. 

Read a book. 
Any book. 
I enjoy reading once I get started but recently I've been let down by a number of books. If I read ANY book from cover to cover it'll be a triumph!

Make a summer scrap book. 
I've been introducing the little one to the joys of arts and crafts and so I thought it'd be nice to put his works of art (the ones that aren't framed/sent to grandparents) in a wee book with photos of our summer. Simple but it's often the simple things that get pushed back and back until they're never done. 

Do a bit of work to my Etsy shop. My little shop has so many ready-to-go items waiting to be posted in my shop and I always make excuses...mainly to do with how bad the lighting is. Not this summer. The best photos are taken in natural day light. The nights are already on the turn, time is running out! No more excuses! 

Okay. Go!


  1. These sounds like lovely summer plans. I might pinch the summer scrap book idea, it's fab!

  2. Lovely ideas - some similar to mine. Good luck :)